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National Heroes aka The Nations are based about some characters that are from other countries in the world, The Nations begin around 2018/2019, but that isn't the begin of these characters. The first character was made in 2012 and the others you will see in this wiki.

The Nations is a team and a squad that help people and animals in the world and they work together. Pablo is the first guy of The Nations, they know each other around 2006 or 2008, they are graduated on school and they has too many friends to make a team with each other, there school called Nation School For Big Heroes. Around 2028 or 2034 will the ladies of The Nations appear in The Nations.

They has some groups that they are a team or squad like The UK Squad, Italiano Squadra, Germatic Crew, Español Equipo and other groups. They have their own building to live and sleep, they are happy with each other and are an good team.

The Nations are half vegan, some nations doesn't eat meat, also no milk or eggs but they drink milk or eggs if these food comes from their own animals. That's the reason why most of them are strong.